The Good, the Bad and the Aces Knife & Axe Hybrid Tournament

The Good, The Bad and The Aces” Throw will be at the Pine Moore Studios in Blanco Texas. Oct 25-27th. Dennis Moore and family have been gracious enough to offer to host the event. This will be a Spaghetti Western themed throw, as we will take place at a western movie studio. We are doing a hybrid throw. Mix between conventional and mountain man. Dan Mink will also be running a mounted throwing competition (you have to bring your own horse).

Registration Info
Please read through for info, details and registration info for The Good, The Bad and The Aces throw. Taking place on October 25th, 26th and 27th.
Dennis Moore has been very kind in allowing us to have a throw at his Pine Moore Studio, an old western movie set, next to the buggy barn. In Blanco Texas. This throw will be spaghetti western theme. Bring costumes if you have them, and get ready to show off to the crowds. This is our first time at this location, (but hope for many more).
This throw is a hybrid. That means we will be doing some old standard throwing, some new styles, some conventional, some mountain man. Rules for the new games will be posted soon.
Important points:
You can use any knife and hawk that is legal in conventional or mountain man to throw in any part of the event. The only thing is you do have to have a set of 3 knives or axes for the conventional part of the throw. (Remember that the minimum length of a knife is now 9″)
We will be throwing conventional knife on Friday morning. There is only one conventional knife event at this throw, so you can throw what ever style, or combo of styles, (spin / no-spin) as long as you are behind the foul line.
We are working on building up a new venue, so we will not be offering up prize money for the pros in this event. However, we have dropped the event fees to $80 for Amateur and $125 for Pro. There is an entry fee to get into the event site, but registered throwers get free entry. That means you have to register ahead of time, so I can leave your name at the gate. Friends and family will have to pay for entry.
There will be food, drink (alcohol and non) available in the Saloon.
There will also be several shows going on over the weekend, Dan Mink, Pistol Packin’ Paula and Band-Aid’s and Blades will be performing.

We will have an extra range set up, so that we can teach the public to throw. (If you enjoy teaching and would like to help out with this, please contact me.)
Introducing 2 new events. Double Bit Axe and Sling Shot (we will have double bit axes for you to use. We will have sling shots you an use, and shot for sale). If you only wish to participate in one of these specialty events, the fee is $20 (entry to the event site is not included). If you are registered for the throw, these are included.
List of events: Conventional Knife, Pro and Am. Conventional Axe, Pro and Am. Rusty Blade, Pro and Am. (this is a mountain man style, single elimination bracket.) The Hybrid, Pro and Am. (this will be a mix of mountain man throwing, games and conventional.) Blackjack. (side game, separate entry) Buggy Barn Game. Wagon Master (Silhouette). Quick and the Dead. (Speed Throw, we will have knives available.) The Gallows, (hanging target game). High Noon, (Quick Draw). Double Bit Axe and Sling Shot.
Rules will be posted shortly, except for the mountain man games. You always get those the day of.
Dan Mink will also be hosting a mounted, (horseback) knife and axe throw. There is a separate entry fee for this and you do have to bring your own horse. It is a great event to watch as well.
Saturday night we will be hosting a feast for the award ceremony, in the Saloon. Bar will be open.
Tell your family, tell your friends, tell anyone who would like to sponsor us, come on down and have some fun.

Register thru paypal, at (please send as ‘Friends and Family’ so we don’t lose on fees). $125 Pro / $80 Am. Remember. You must register, in advance, if you don’t want to pay extra at the door.

Any questions or would like to help as a sponsor, please contact me directly. (Melody Cuenca on Facebook or (702) 860-6189
See everyone real soon.

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