Speed Knives is a timed competition. The objective is to throw as many knives as possible in 20 seconds.

You can use your own knives if you have a set, as long as they meet the Blade Aces requirements. Blade Aces will have a set available, (usually around 40 knives) for use if you do not have a set.

The foul line is the 2-meter line.

There are no rotation requirements.

There will be a table for the knives to lay on.

You can arrange the table and knives in any configuration that you like.

You can start with a stack of knives in your hand, as well as have a knife in your throwing hand, if you like.

There will either be a timer attached to the target board or a scorekeeper will say “GO” to start the competition.

You then have 20 seconds to throw as many knives as possible, one at a time into the targets.

You can use any or all of the three targets.

Any knives thrown after the 20 seconds are up will not count.

The knife point must be sticking in the face of the target in order to count.

The scorekeeper will pull all the knives from the targets and count them for your score.

World Record – 32 – Bill Lagrasso