The rules for Long Distance are the same whether it is Knife, Axe or No-Spin.

The number of rotations does not matter for Knife or Axe. No-Spin obviously must be No-Spin.

You must have 3 identical throwers.

There are no practice throws once the competition starts.

You start somewhere in-between 7 and 10 meters.

You have 3 attempts to stick.

If you drop all 3, you are finished. If you stick 1 of the 3, the scorekeeper will record that distance and you can continue. If you stick your 1st or 2nd throw, you go to the next distance. You do not get to throw more in that distance range. The next distance is in-between 10 and 13 meters, then 13 and 16 meters. And so on, moving back to the next 3-meter section as long as you stick 1 out of 3. As soon as you drop all three, you are finished with the competition and your longest stick will be the one that counts.