Blade Aces is a professional organization with one mission in mind: To design, create and build the most professional, standardized, and fun precision action sports organization in the world. Designed by professional competitors for professional competitors, the Blade Aces organization is a non-political, commercial entity that does not shy away from committing to competition from all over the world.

Founded and operated by Dr. T.J. and Melody Valerious in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Blade Aces organization works tirelessly to find sponsors, advertisers, and supporters for the precision projectile sports like knife & ax throwing and more. Through these sponsors and supporters, we can grow the sport into a high adrenaline, exciting event in the eyes of the general public.

  1. Knife throwing (Spin & No Spin)
  2. Ax/Tomahawk throwing (Tomahawk & Small Axe)
  3. Large ax (Single and Double Bit)
  4. “In the future” Archery (Long Bow and Compound)
  5. “In the future” Atlatl (Traditional and Modern)
  6. “In the future” Throwing stars (Small and Large)
  7. “In the future” Spear (Lance and Javelin)
  8. “In the future” Boomerang (Hunting boomerang and Throwing Stick)
  9. “In the future” Blowdarts (Short and Long Blow gun)
  10. “In the future” Sling (Ancient and Modern)
  11. “In the future” Rifle (Air and Gunpowder)
  12. “In the future” Pistol (Air and Gunpowder)

Our mission is to create a venue and competition to test the world’s best precision action sports competitors.


Blade Aces HQ is moving to Texas. Stay tuned for the location of the next throw.

Leadership Council for Blade Aces

CEO: Melody Joy Valerious – 12 – time US, European and World Knife Throwing Champion and 6 time world record holder

Director of Operations: Christopher Miller – US, European and World Champion, US Marine Corps Veteran

Director of Logistics: Sarah Miller – Texas State Women’s Mountainman Champion

Director of Technology: Ron Thomas – Weapons Instructor, US Marine Corps Veteran


Chairman for Board of Advisors: Matthew O’Callaghan – Sculptor, Knife Maker

The Blade Aces Leadership Council is composed of professional knife throwers and organizers dedicated to the practice of Precision Action Sports. Membership in the leadership team is by appointment only and is limited. Advisors must be available for impromptu and scheduled meetings through social media, email, telephone or in person. All motions that require decisions must be approved within a 72 hour period.

All rules and regulations are subject to periodic reviews. All rules changes will be posted no later than 60 days from any competition. Any rules passed after the 60-day deadline will apply to the following event, not the upcoming event.