Blade Aces is headquartered in Houston, Texas, but travels around the US and the world as needed.

Leadership Council for Blade Aces

Melody Joy Valerious – 12 – time US, European and World Knife Throwing Champion and 6 time world record holder

Christopher Miller – US, European and World Champion, US Marine Corps Veteran (retired)

Sarah Miller – Texas State Women’s Mountainman Champion (retired)

Ron Thomas – Weapons Instructor, US Marine Corps Veteran


Matthew O’Callaghan – Sculptor, Knife Maker

The Blade Aces Leadership Council is composed of professional knife throwers and organizers dedicated to the practice of Precision Action Sports. Membership in the leadership team is by appointment only and is limited.

All rules and regulations are subject to periodic reviews. All rules changes will be posted no later than 60 days from any competition. Any rules passed after the 60-day deadline will apply to the following event, not the upcoming event.