Summer is in full SLING!

Article by Brian Arevalo, Las Vegas Slingshot Association
The Las Vegas Slingshot Association (LVSA) is excited to be working with Blade Aces at the Super Hero Foundry in helping grow the sport of slingshot/catapult shooting here in Las Vegas.
The popularity of slingshots, also known as catapults in Europe, is quickly making a resurgence worldwide as people of all ages compete in this friendly sport of marksmanship. Tournaments are held weekly throughout the world organized by various local slingshot/catapult organizations.
The use of a sling to launch a projectile as a weapon or tool for hunting and protection has gone back before the biblical times of David and Goliath.
Today’s modern sling shooters utilize modern materials such as highly elastic and weather resistant latex compared to the old rubber inner tubes.
The sport of sling shooting is both fun and economical for men, women, and children of all ages.
Slingshots can vary from a simple economical wooden frame from a tree fork with some rubber bands to more elaborate materials consisting of precision machined steel or cast polished aluminum or brass frames with various aiming devices and temperature resistant latex.
There are numerous ways in which a slingshot can be drawn and how the projectile is released.
Similar to many other precision sports, mental focus, form, and consistency are of utmost importance at highest levels of sling shooting.
The recent 2018 Slingshot World Cup competition held in Italy this past June brought competitors from all over the world to showcase their skills. Awards were provided to the individual and team categories in Men’s (15 years +), Women’s (15 years +) and Junior Divisions. (14 years and under)
Scoring is straightforward and simple. Shooters aim at various sized targets from a distance of 10 meters (33 ft.) with a corresponding point when the target is hit/knockdown. Targets usually consist of solid targets which must be knockdown to score and/or steel plate backed Circular paper targets with various points given where a mark is left by the projectile onto the paper.
Outdoor / field events are also quite popular as targets are set up from various distances and heights.
Want to learn more about Slingshots / Catapults? Join the LVSA practice session every Sunday from 6pm-8pm at the Super Hero Foundry.
We’re looking forward to shooting with you!!

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