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GOT (Tentative) Schedule of Events

(Subject to minor changes) The Game of Throws schedule of events is as follows: Thursday, April 19 6:00 pm – General Information and Rules:  We will be disclosing the events […]

UPDATE: Game of Throws Las Vegas

UPDATED WEEKLY:  3/03/18. With less than 2 months to go, the Blade Aces Game of Throws Knife & Ax throwing Championships will be the biggest knife & ax throwing championship […]

Atlatls – A Historical Perspective

by Angelo Robledo Fifteen thousand years ago, right here in southern Nevada, a bighorn sheep died. Now, this wasn’t a strange occurrence with the circle of life and everything but […]

No-Spin : No-Stigma

No-Spin No-Stigma by RC Samples It was the summer of 2013; I had been out of army training for only a few months and was living in Jacksonville, Florida.  While […]

Ram-bo, the Blade Aces Mascot

Why a mascot? While watching a pro game on TV at a restaurant last week, I noticed something fascinating about the people around me.  For some bizarre reason, everyone was […]

Knife Throwing is for Bad Asses

Knife throwing is exciting.  And it should stay that way.  Just ask any person who walks through the gate of any knife throwing instructor’s backyard. “So, why do you want […]

The Benefits of a Solid Organization

The Benefits of a Solid Organization – by TJ Cuenca A successful organization is more than just having a catchy name, or business plan or even champions leading the charge.  […]

Cash Prizes Attract Competitors

Cash Prizes Attract Competitors by Robert Huber (May 8, 2017) It costs money to participate in tournaments.  Beyond the entry fees, the costs of competing in another city or town […]

The Lowdown on Throwdowns

The Lowdown on Throwdowns by Pete Bonkemeyer (April 26, 2017) Given the current state of the sport, hosting an official IKTHOF Association event can be a daunting task. Of 480 […]