Categories Men
Senior category – for 15 years
Junior category – up to 14 years old

Senior Women Category – 15 years old
Junior Women Category – from 9 years to 14.

Technical rules to be observed for the sling
• The sling should be made of a “wood” or similar “fork”, at the ends of which there is an elastic.
• The fork can be made in the form of a single body, or by the union of a central body called “handle” on which are inserted the curved bows at the ends of which the elastic is secured.
• The Fionda may be of any material and form; It can not have any kind of support (see note *) that increases its stability
• -Exception of all kinds of systems is prohibited.

(*) For Supporting means any attached device and / or connected to the sling that goes beyond the wrist and contrasts the force of the elastic, which is to ensure stability.
Slab size: Maximum height 30 cm. – Maximum width 25 cm.

Ammunition must be of spherical shape made of Steel / Iron / Glass / Lead.

Fall Type
The target must be abatement and will consist of no. 5 disks
The 5 disks will have different sizes:
First left disk diameter 10 cm – Scoring value 2 points
Second left disk diameter 9 cm – Value 4 points
Third disc from left diameter 7 cm – Value 6 Points
Fourth disc from left diameter 6 cm – Value 8 Points
Fifth disk from left 4 cm – Value 10 Points

Fig. 1

Concentric Circle Type.

You look at concentric color circles:
Red diameter 4 cm
Yellow diameter 8 cm
Blue diameter 12 cm
With Score
10 points – 9 points for the Red sector
8 points -7 points for the Yellow sector
6 points -5 points for the Blue sector

Fig. 2

Tire distances
A) Ordinary Distances – 10 Meters
(For all championships):
Each shooter will have to stay with both legs beyond the Line defining the distance of Tire – Penalty of the disqualification.
Shot Series and Run Time
Target Type Fall Figure 1
Each shooter will have 5 shots (one sphere for each shot) and will have 3 minutes to complete. – The out-of-box will be considered null and not counted.
The time to make the shoots will only commence when the Field Judge will give the start signal and will be stopped only when the same judge decides on the end.
A) The score assigned for each shot made will be that of the visual / Disco affected – see as described in Sect. Targets.
The disk to be considered hit will have to be completely knocked down.

Concentric Circular Target Fig. 2
Each shooter will have 10 shoots (one sphere for each shot) and it will have 5 minutes to complete. – The out-of-shoot will be considered null and not counted.
The Judge will give the start and end of the five minutes.
The shooter will have to make 5 shots for each view and at the end will be counted the total score of 5 shots.
If there is more than 5 shots on a view, the 5 lowest scales will be considered.
If a shot is between two sectors but cutting the line, the highest score will be awarded.

World Championship
The championship will be divided into two phases
First day
First Phase
n. 1 series of 10 shoots on Concentric Circle Target and no. 5 sets of 5 shots on Fallout Target
Total 6 Series

Second Day

Second phase
n. 1 Series of 10 Shoots on Concentric Circle Target – n. 5 sets of 5 shots on Fallout Target.

Total 6 Series

A World Champion will be awarded who will have scored the highest score in the overall Two Shoot Phases.

In the case of Paralysis between two or more shooters, a series of Falling Target Matching Games will be played.

World Team Championship
Each team will consist of n. 4 shooters, – Each participating National will be able to present at most two teams.
progress (Each team will be formed by the best shooters in the ranking of the absolute).

Each shooter of each team will be called to perform no. 3 Falling Target Series at the end of the series, the scores scored by the 4 shooters of each team will be summed up.

The winner will be the winner, who will have the highest overall score.

In the case of Equality between multiple teams, to declare the winner, he will go back to shoots until a team scores higher than the other in the case of more teams.

In the case of Parity between two or more teams, a shot will be made by each member of each Falling Fig.1 target team starting from the first left target or the two-point target to the left.

Each shot must be made within 30 seconds.

Times to show up on the Tire line

For each shooting series and for each type of target each shooter will have 2 minutes, starting from when the call was made by the Board Judge, to present himself on the shooting line and start the shooting series. The shooter who does not show up or shows up for more than two minutes will receive zero points for that shooting series


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