NON- THROWERS or BEGINNING Throwers – Blade Aces Instructors Bootcamp Course – “The Training Camp for Trainers”

The Blade Aces Basic Instructor’s Bootcamp course program is generally over a 2 to 3 day period. This completes the basic range safety and training course. 

You will be instructed on proper blade handling, stance, control, power, accuracy as well as safety, student management, teaching techniques, lane and target setup, course management and competition scoring. We guarantee that you will be able to throw and stick your axe (or knife) from half, one and 1.5 rotations as well as teach others by the end of this 2 or 3 day intensive course.

You have a choice of having a certified instructor come to your location (course fee plus travel expenses) or you can come to our Las Vegas Headquarters at the Superhero Foundry for the Blade Aces Basic Instructor’s boot camp course. The cost of this course is based on a standard fee plus the number of trainers requiring certification, so please indicate the number of expected attendees in your inquiry.

Call us at (210) 417-0907 or email us at for more details, cost and customize the course to your needs.

NOTE: If you are interested in taking the Blade Aces Instructor certification test or course, please email your request to Melody Valerious at with your name, email address, number of attendees and contact number.