The following consists of all certified instructors currently recognized by the Blade Aces Precision Action Sports League. All instructors have been instructed, tested, and approved by the Blade Aces Administrative and Advisory Board.

Active Instructors are up-to-date with their Blade Aces Membership dues. Inactive instructors must bring their accounts up-to-date in order to be placed in Active Status


  1. Christopher Miller – Huntsville, TX – Master Level score of 267 at IKTHOF Championship – 8-time IKTHOF World Champion STATUS: Active
  2. Stanley Jensen – Texas – Expert Level score of 239 at IKTHOF Championship – instructor of Chris Miller – STATUS: Inactive


  1. Melody Joy Cuenca – Las Vegas, NV – Expert Level score of 234 at IKTHOF Championships – 11 time World Champion STATUS: Active
  2. Dr. TJ Cuenca – Las Vegas, NV – Expert Level score of 224 at IKTHOF Championships STATUS: Active
  3. Ron Thomas – Houston, TX – Expert Level Trainer due to students who achieved an Expert level score in IKTHOF Championships STATUS: Active


  1. Matt O’Callaghan – Nebraska
  2. Matt ‘One Eyed Beaver’ Beaver – Missouri